TD Cultural Tuesday: Embodiment – Electroacoustic performances

March 21, 2017 / 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Program : TD Cultural Tuesdays

For this TD Cultural Tuesday, Arsenal Montreal presents Embodiment, an evening of performances, digital art and innovative music, featuring Patrick St-Denis, Lucas Paris, Vincent Fliniaux and the collective Falaises.

Through audioreactive projections and electroacoustic performances, this evening proposes an original and poetic use of new digital technologies, as well as unique musical instruments and devices.


Waves — Patrick St-Denis

The title refers both to sound waves, gestural waving and relationship between the two enabled by performative technologies. In this performance, the artist uses sensors to capture the orientation and electrical activity of his forearms muscles. Through custom software, his gestures are transposed to sound in a choreography that stands somewhere between the theremin and the air guitar.

antiVolume — Lucas Paris

Reflecting an algorithmic research, antiVolume is a sculpture formed in real time, in consonance with the place, the public, the sociopolitical context and the creative impulses of Lucas Paris. Physical and textured, the work proposes a sensitive immersion of the spectator through the vast vocabulary of electronic music: Noise, Ambient, IDM, EDM…

Black Bass — Vincent Fliniaux

Black Bass offers to leave the comfort of standard music to confront the unpredictable of the performance. It is an octophonic performance for double bass and electronic.

— Falaises

Falaises collective offers a visual and musical work, both guided by a defined and improvised in real time musical structure, by modular synthesizers. Dave Gagnon’s visual accompanies the performance. He disturbs his intervention in real time by using a unique device on stage. Between installation art and real-time video, the device used pushes the limits set by the frame of the screen and deploys a unique synergy between sound and image.


Admission fees: $8, + one free drink included

Opening at 6pm

Starting at 7pm