February 10, 2017

Arsenal Contemporary Art is proud to invite you to three special presentations of Stealing Alice by Marc Séguin, in the centre of the exhibition ‘’Marc Séguin: atemporalités’’.


February 10: 7:30pm

February 17: 7:30pm

February 19: 11am


Admission: $12.50

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The dialogues of the film are in various languages, including French. Please note that the projections will be subtitled in French.


Alice Andanack was born from an Inuit mother and a Québecois father. She is an art dealer, but also a young woman with an uncommon social rage. Wild and educated, she talks to ghosts and decides to avenge the religious and colonial heritage that was imposed on her mother’s people. As she tries to understand the origins of vengeance. 

With her sisters, we follow her on her quest for survival and meaning, between the artic north, Manhattan, Venice and the Vatican. She steals art, finds answers to her questions through alcohol, and tries to explain her violence, which she judges essential. 

Alice is a young contemporary woman that bears the weight of contradictions and humanity. Stealing Alice is an ode to love, vengeance and solitude. It is also a story about rage and beauty. 

Stealing Alice is the first feature film written and directed by painter and author Marc Séguin. As a painter, his art has been exhibited throughout the world (Basel, Hong Kong, New York –where he has his studio-, Berlin, London…) and is widely collected internationally by numerous Contemporary Art Museums. He has also published 3 critically acclaimed fiction novels. Shot in many countries and on a period of 18 months, the film is entirely self-produced. Stealing Alice features Fanny Mallette, Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu, Oscar winning director Denys Arcand, Elisapie Isaac, Martha Flaherty (Robert Flaherty’s -Nanook of the North- daughter), Gaston Lepage, Fabien Cloutier, Anne Day-Jones, Verdiana Garau and Sylvio Archambault. 


Written and directed by Marc Séguin.

DOP: Claudine Sauvé.

Editor: Alain Baril et Tim Miron.

Sound: Mélanie Gauthier.

Executive producer: Kimberlee Clarke.

Assistant director: Bruno Boulianne.

Postproduction supervisor: Gabrielle Bouchard. 

Head Makeup artist: Alex Lambert.


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