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Arsenal Montreal

From June 19 to September 13, 2015

Artists in the exhibition : Aramique , Serge Belo , Patrick Bernatchez , Marie-Claire Blais , Gao Brothers , Guillaume Cardell , Jean-Sébastien Grégoire , Mathieu Latulippe , Rafael Lozano-Hemmer , Kelly Mark , Takeshi Murata , Marie-Jeanne Musiol , David Spriggs , Philippe Van Eetvelt , Stephanie Washburn , Michel de Broin , Manon de Pauw ,

Drawing inspiration from themes of light and energy, E-Merge weaves a thread that connects innovative projects by artists and companies from Canada and abroad. E-Merge is an exhibition at the forefront of visual art and advanced technology, which was presented by Hydro-Quebec. The natural connections that unite art, technology and commerce are integral to the exhibition.

The exhibition also includes an artistic adaptation of The Nest, an immersive experience created by C:LAB, the Cirque du Soleil Group’s creative projects research lab. An integral part of the experimentation itinerary offered to participants of C2 Montreal this year, The Nest incited participants to reflect on the following question: intuitively, what do we need or what do we lack the most to create an authentic breakthrough? Conceived of by Melissa Thompson and Viviana De Loera (scenography Anne-Séguin Poirier), The Nest is a metaphor for the C:LAB creative process. The concept was simple: two participants were invited to enter The Nest, which isolated them from everyone else. They were then required to take part in a mysterious ritual based on intuition, through which they had to make choices and commit to them. The only rule: the two participants had to be complete strangers!

Exhibition partner: C2 Montréal

Works in the exhibition

Views of the exhibition

E-Merge: David Spriggs, Vision, 2015 (installation view)

David Spriggs, Vision, 2015 (installation view)

E-merge: C:Lab, Mathieu Latulippe, Stephanie Washburn, 2015 (installation view)

E-Merge: C:Lab, Mathieu Latulippe, Stephanie Washburn, 2015 (installation view)

E-MERGE: Jean Sebastien Gregoire, Sillicon Valley Misconceptions, 2015 (installation view)

E-Merge: Jean-Sébastien Grégoire, Sillicon Valley Misconceptions, 2015 (installation view)